Cornhuskers' first freedom protected

Cornhuskers' first freedom protected

Cornhuskers' first freedom protected

A family advocate in Nebraska is proud of his state for taking steps now to protect religious freedom during any future times of crisis.

The state legislature has passed a bill to protect the religious freedom of all Nebraskans. Nate Grasz of the Nebraska Family Alliance says the existing First Amendment protection did not keep various state and local governments from limiting religious freedom during the height of COVID-19.

Grasz, Nate (NFA) Grasz

"It wasn't that long ago that we even saw churches being closed by government order while places like casinos and abortion clinics remained open," he recalls. "We wanted to make sure that that can never happen in Nebraska, and so we've been working for years in support of the First Freedom Act (LB 43), which was recently signed into law by Governor [Jim] Pillen (R)."

According to the new law, government actors are prohibited from treating churches or religious organizations more restrictively than secular institutions.

"This is a protection that will make sure that our First Amendment rights are protected and the government can't tell you when you can and cannot go to church," Grasz notes.

Nebraska is the 27th state to pass a law guaranteeing that believers can seek legal relief if the government violates their faith. The Personal Privacy Protection portion of the law also keeps the names of donors to religious entities private.