Hard to tell what's happening in Huntsville

Hard to tell what's happening in Huntsville

Hard to tell what's happening in Huntsville

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville (R) isn't the only one critiquing the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, which has been difficult to reach lately.

In response to a recent Facebook post by father Clay Yarbrough, who said he had planned to send his daughter to Space Camp until he discovered that a biological man was working closely with the children there, Tuberville said, "There is no reason to have a transgender in charge of boys and girls at Space Camp."

On Yarbrough's initial post, several other parents commented and shared stories from their children's time at Space Camp. One mother claimed the male employee had even entered the girls' shower area. Those stories, combined with the individual's social media postings, increased calls for action from Space Camp officials.

Reporter Craig Monger of Alabama-based 1819 News was among the first to report the story, and he says people in The Yellowhammer State are no strangers to the issue of transgenderism.

"It is a nationwide discussion that's really come into prominence in the past several years, but the vast majority of Alabamians have a problem with it," he relays.

Monger, Craig (1819 News) Monger

By his observation, some have decided to "elevate the individual at Space Camp to a level of victimhood," while nationwide media outlets are making it look like "backwards, transphobic Alabamians are bullying this poor person who has done nothing wrong."

While Monger says that is to be expected to some degree, the fact remains that additional allegations have come out against Space Camp workers, including the person Mr. Yarborough mentions in his March 9th post.

The reporter has heard rumors that the particular Space Camp employee, a biological male who goes by the name "Molly Bowman," has been put on leave, but Monger has not been able to confirm that because, in his words, camp officials have sort of gone underground.

"They've been very hush-hush about the whole thing and hoping that it just dies down," he relays.

The only thing he has noticed is their press release where they claim threats had been made against specific staff.

The Space & Rocket Center did not return AFN's request for comment, and efforts to reach Yarborough were unsuccessful.