Literally a match made in Heaven

Literally a match made in Heaven

Literally a match made in Heaven

A one-time presidential candidate isn't surprised that American evangelicals are flocking to Israel on what are being called "voluntourism" trips.

Even in times of relative peace, every Israeli citizen is drafted into the Israel Defense Force. Now, during the Gaza war, all hands are on deck.

As that leaves acres of farmland, factories, and other job sites unattended, American evangelicals from organizations like Christians United for Israel are putting together trips to fill in the gaps. Gary Bauer of the Israeli American Council says it is literally a match made in Heaven.

"We support Israel because the Israeli people, the Jewish people, are covenant people," he notes. "God spoke some declarative sentences about he who loves you, I will love, and he who hates you, I will hate."

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

Political leaders in Israel, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are casting a wary eye on the American government, as President Biden seems to be caving to the extreme Left's calls for a ceasefire that would allow Hamas to reorganize and rearm.

"They're very sensitive about any indication that that relationship is weakening or that Americans are somehow upset with Israel," says Bauer.

Despite what the mainstream media reports, he asserts that evangelicals are leading most Americans in support of the nation of Israel, specifically its war for survival against the terrorists.

"There's a lot of Americans, including Christians, that understand, in a dangerous world we live in, Israel and the United States are natural allies," Bauer submits. "We are the two pillars of Judeo-Christian Western civilization."

He says the evangelicals who are going to Israel right now are actually helping U.S./Israeli relations.