In two states, liberal legislators plan to redefine parents' rights

In two states, liberal legislators plan to redefine parents' rights

In two states, liberal legislators plan to redefine parents' rights

Like an alarm ringing in your ears, a warning is going out to parents in two blue states where legislators are working hard to make moms and dads an enemy of the state.

Many parents have learned by now their children are being groomed and indoctrinated by liberal school teachers, who view parents as a distrusted enemy, but even worse is learning your state legislators are pushing new laws to separate parents and children, too. 

David Smith, of the Illinois Family Institute, says his organization was alarmed by a bill that criminalizes parents who block their daughter from undergoing an abortion.

The bill, HB 4876, seeks to amend the Abuse and Neglected Child Act by redefining “abused child” to include a minor who is denied an abortion or denied so-called “gender-affirming” medical treatment.

Smith, David (Illinois Family Institute) Smith

“They're usurping parental rights by proposing this bill criminalizing parents as abusive,” Smith warns, “if they choose to deny their child so-called services for abortions and transgender treatments, and that could include of course chemical hormone treatments.”

HB 4876 was introduced by Rep. Anne Stava-Murray, a radical Democrat with "she-her" pronouns who is also a mother of three. 

Stava-Murray, Anne Stava-Murray

In blue-state New Jersey, the state legislature is considering a bill that would allow young teens to seek out mental health services without the consent of their parents. That bill, Senate Bill 1970, states its goal is to permit minors, 13 years old and over, to consent to “behavioral health services.”

Greg Quinlan, of the Center for Garden State Families, says current state law sets that minimum age at 16 to seek medical help without the approval of parents.

That age is typically a high school sophomore, so Senate Bill 1970 wants expand it to a middle school eighth grader.

Quinlan, Gregory (The Center for Garden State Families) Quinlan

“In an adolescent's life,” Quinlan says, “that is a huge jump in emotional and mental maturity.”

What is really happening, Quinlan warns, is children are being “groomed” in public schools to accept the LGBT lifestyle, including the pronoun-choosing transgender movement. So the new state law would allow those same children to take that indoctrination a step further with professional counseling that often includes body-altering hormones and even surgery. 

“And this is what's extremely dangerous about it,” he says of Senate Bill 1970.  

A senate committee ignored public testimony denouncing the bill and voted for it 5-1, sending it to the full senate for consideration.