Filmmaker documents 'police state' tactics he sees in federal gov't

Filmmaker documents 'police state' tactics he sees in federal gov't

Filmmaker documents 'police state' tactics he sees in federal gov't

The newest film from Dinesh D'Souza chronicles the real-life stories of Americans who have endured the wrath of a weaponized government – and of those who were brave enough to expose its abuse of power.

The trailer for "Police State" (see below) begins with a family saying a prayer around the dinner table. Then law enforcement busts in and arrests the dad in front of the children. An officer in charge is heard saying: "Chief Division counsel and DOJ have approved a no-knock breach. We want the subject to be on display doing the walk of shame. Full visual impact."


During a recent interview on American Family Radio, D'Souza explained that initially he planned to do a film about the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol. "I thought that there's a big story about that event that has been suppressed in the official narrative that we get in the media [and] that we got from the January 6th Committee," he shared.

But then he found out about some other documentaries being worked on about that event. So, he decided to shift his focus.

"[I decided to] integrate things like systematic censorship, political targeting, the efforts to go after Trump" – all of which he described as "police state tactics."

D'Souza, Dinesh D'Souza

He continued: "Many of the defining features of police states – like mass indoctrination, systematic censorship, mass surveillance, political prisoners – all of these elements are now present in the United States.

"I'm not saying we're a full-fledged police state, but it is amazing how far we've come down that ugly road in just the last couple of years."

The filmmaker is hopeful the U.S. Supreme Court might deliver "a major dropkick" to digital censorship in Missouri v. Biden – which deals with First Amendment freedoms.

"Now this won't stop censorship at Facebook or YouTube or Google, but it will remove the government's grubby hands from the censorship process – and that alone would constitute measurable progress," he contends.

And in part, according to D'Souza, the purpose behind the movie is to stiffen the spine of the Republican Party. The GOP, he said, must stop "stupidly funding three-letter agencies" (e.g., FBI) that are targeting them.