More heresy from Hollywood

More heresy from Hollywood

More heresy from Hollywood

Amazon Prime just premiered a new show that a theology professor says is perhaps the strongest attempt to date to portray Satan as the hero of the creation story.

Described as an adult animated musical comedy, "Hazbin Hotel" is about a rehabilitation hotel Lucifer's daughter, Charlie, opens in an attempt to find a non-violent alternative for reducing Hell's overpopulation by offering a group of misfit demons a chance at redemption.

But really, it is a heretically reworked story of the creation of the world and the fall of man, and in it, Satan is the good guy.

"Lucifer was … a dreamer with fantastical ideas for all of creation," Charlie narrates in the first episode. "But he was seen as a troublemaker by the elders of Heaven."

God is not acknowledged. Instead, these "elders of Heaven" are said to have created Adam and his first wife Lilith, who left Adam and fell in love with Lucifer.

"Together they wished to share the magical free will with humanity, offering the fruit of knowledge to Adam's new bride, Eve, who gladly accepted," Charlie continues.

Flipping the battle between good and evil on its head, she goes on to explain that "threatened by this, Heaven made a truly heartless decision, that every year they would send down an army, an extermination, to ensure Hell and its sinners could never rise against them."

Land, Dr. Richard Land

Southern Evangelical Seminary President Emeritus Dr. Richard Land says though adults are the target audience, the animated show is dangerous to kids.

"This is pro-Satan propaganda," he states. "This is about as unsubtle as it gets. This is clearly an attempt to market Satan."

He says it is more than just a bad history lesson or even a favorable portrayal of Satan; dabbling in the occult opens lives to truly dangerous forces.

"When you get involved with the occult, even through things like Ouija boards and stuff, it's like getting on mailing list you don't want to be on," Dr. Land submits.

Similar warnings have been voiced about a similar FXX series, "Little Demon," brought to viewers courtesy of The Walt Disney Company, which is about a 13-year-old girl whose father, Satan, yearns for custody of her soul.