After deadly cancer of DEI got exposed, Johns Hopkins bandaged it with apology

After deadly cancer of DEI got exposed, Johns Hopkins bandaged it with apology

After deadly cancer of DEI got exposed, Johns Hopkins bandaged it with apology

The debilitating disease of race-based wokeism has been exposed at Johns Hopkins Medicine, where the executive in charge of diversity is insisting her newsletter that denounced Christian white heterosexuals is a big misunderstanding.

Dr. Sherita Golden, the chief diversity officer at the hospital chain, sends out a “Monthly Diversity Digest" as part of her job. In the January issue, she defined the word “privilege” and then sought to give examples of it in what has become a public relations train wreck for the respected medical leader. 

“In the United States,” Golden wrote, “privilege is granted to people who have membership in one or more of these social identity groups: White people, able-bodied people, heterosexuals, cisgender people, males, Christians, middle or owning class people, middle-aged people, and English-speaking people."

Golden’s newsletter and her controversial definition of “privilege” first got noticed by the Twitter account End Wokeness and then went viral from there.

Golden, Sherita Golden

“This must end,” Elon Musk, echoing the opinion of many, wrote in a Twitter post.  

Now that the anti-white diversity officer has been exposed, Dr. Shea Bradley-Farrell of the Counterpoint Institute tells AFN the race-based philosophy of DEI must be exposed for its own racist views.

“That's racism,” Bradley-Farrell says of Golden and her race-based views. “She has just given you a definition of racism right there.”

According to the canon of DEI beliefs, however, a minority such as Dr. Golden cannot be racist. That is because racism is by definition a white-only concept because whites are the oppressors and all others are oppressed according to the “white privilege” tenets of DEI.

The lengthy biography for Dr. Golden, meanwhile, would make many physicians envious. After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Maryland, she then graduated from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, where only 150 are accepted annually out of 5,600 applications. After medical school, Golden then did her residency at John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Despite such a privileged background in medicine, Dr. Golden ironically wrote in her newsletter that privilege is “characteristically invisible to people who have it,” which she attributed to “dominant groups” who enjoy privileges that are “unearned” to them.

After the newsletter went viral, exposing the Johns Hopkins diversity officer, Dr. Golden claimed in a statement she “deeply” regretted the definition – even though it is a standard belief in DEI teaching.

“The intent of the newsletter is to inform and support an inclusive community at Hopkins, but the language of this definition clearly did not meet that goal,” Dr. Golden wrote. “In fact, because it was overly simplistic and poorly worded, it had the opposite effect of being exclusionary and hurtful to members of our community.”

In a similar statement, Johns Hopkins claimed the language “contradicts the values” of the hospital - even though its diversity officer was simply espousing what is accepted beliefs.

In reality, those "values" are listed on the Johns Hopkins website. On its DEI section, a report entitled "Two Years of Reckoning and Progress" describes what has been accomplished, such as town hall discussions, community outreach, and offering "anti-oppression" training for Johns Hopkins employees. 

The race-based DEI ideology Johns Hopkins has embraced can be traced back to Critical Race Theory. That theory about privileged white oppressors, which is traced back to legal scholars in the 1980s, is itself a race-based version of class-based Critical Theory espoused by Communist thinkers in the 19th century who urged the poor to revolt against the wealthy.

Bradley-Farrell says the DEI culture, such as the one embraced and now exposed at Johns Hopkins, is a deceptive scheme. It claims to promote diversity but, when it is exposed, it shows it is dividing people instead, which is a key objective for Communism to take root. 

"They're trying to destroy America,” she warns, “and I don't say this lightly.”