Opinion: Racy conservative calendar goes in wrong direction

Opinion: Racy conservative calendar goes in wrong direction

Opinion: Racy conservative calendar goes in wrong direction

Opposing far-left policies would seem to make one conservative as political labels go but Christians need to focus on values and not labels, one media personality says.

It’s not enough to oppose state-sanctioned gender-manipulation procedures for minors or drag queen story hour in public libraries but then accept other forms of sexualized behavior.

Like the Conservative Dad’s Real Women of America calendar.

“We’re starting to go to a place where maybe in a decade, or even less, what’s called conservative, we’re no even going to recognize it,” Jon Root, a contributor with Turning Point USA and The Republic Sentinel, said on American Family Radio Thursday.

“Conservative doesn’t equal Christian,” Root told show host Jenna Ellis. “When people aren't standing up for traditional values and (are) trying to redefine terminology that's foundational in those traditional values, we need to start calling that out and having a legitimate discussion.”

The so-called Conservative Calendar is a glaring example, he said.

Alongside the 12 months of the year, it’s a skin-filled picture book similar to the swimsuit calendar made famous by Sports Illustrated.

The calendar is produced by Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer which itself began in response to last spring’s Bud Light controversy. That involved transgender social media star Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male dressed as a female, on one of the company’s beer cans. Sales of Bud Light plummeted thanks to public mockery and backlash. 

“As Christians, foreigners in this land, we do not conform to this world, we conform to Christ. A lot of people call themselves conservative, who would probably be known as pretty classical liberal maybe 10, 15 years ago. They’re assimilating to what society is deeming good,” Root said.

What is good has been replaced with evil, Root further warned, but the new conservative movement calls it good because it's "not as evil" as the radical Left is doing. That is not conservativism, he argued, which means conserving good moral values and traditions about the family and marriage. 

A handy hang-up for the fridge or soft porn?

Root compared the calendar, which features Save Women’s Sports activist Riley Gaines on the cover, to soft porn.

The reaction by some political conservatives illustrated Root’s point of the divide between them and those might be considered social or moral Conservatives.

“Why are conservatives mad about hot conservative women taking PG-13 photos for a calendar?” conservative commenter and PragerU contributor CJ Pearson asked on X. “Can we focus on the enemy for once?”

Root, however, says the calendar is too much of a compromise in an effort to fit in with modern culture.

“Why did we originally cancel Bud Light? When Dylan Mulvaney was paraded around with the Bud Light, it's was like, ‘This is sexual degeneracy.’ Then what is this bikini calendar?

You could look at a bunch of different models for different months in that calendar, and it is not skimpy clothing," he continued. "There's nothing wrong with a few of those photos, but it comes down to how is that being sold? It's being packaged. If you even look at the front cover of that calendar it's sexual degeneracy, but it is somehow okayed because, ‘Oh, well, it's just not as bad.’”