The fight for the faith is also for humanity

The fight for the faith is also for humanity

The fight for the faith is also for humanity

Devout Catholics in Kenosha have purged their local diocese of two liberal churches and their radical leaders.

A frustrated activist with MassResistance in Wisconsin says St. Mark's and St. Mary's were actively involved with the Congregations United to Serve Humanity (CUSH), a coalition of far-Left churches that was, among other things, collecting pornographic and so-called "banned" books for a "traveling LGBTQ library" meant for kids across the city.

Leaders of those churches also served on the coalition's board of directors.

An additional point of concern was that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) had given more than $200,000 to CUSH over the past several years.

The activist and several other activists decided to approach the archdiocese about these issues. 

"Everything that we're fighting on the frontlines of is diametrically opposed to the doctrine of the Catholic faith," the activist asserts.

MassResistance sent letters to the churches, and they were subsequently disassociated and stripped of their financial support from the CCHD.

"I am very concerned about the morality of children especially and them being affected by all this deviancy – radical gender ideology, pornography, homosexuality," the activist tells AFN. "That's our next generation, and if we're going to destroy them, we're going to destroy humanity."

The activist says one issue parents are dealing with these days is people who are determined to make sexually explicit materials available to young children. In this case, the effort was labeled "Freedom to Read."

Editor's Note: This story is protecting the identity of a MassResistance activist quoted in the story at his/her request.