Don't drag Christmas into this

Don't drag Christmas into this

Don't drag Christmas into this

A family advocate in California says people are right to protest an attempt to connect Jesus' birth to drag performances.

Angelo Frazier, pastor of RiverLakes Community Church in Bakersfield, recently led hundreds of protestors against what he calls a "perversion of Christmas." They reportedly stood outside the city's Fox Theater on December 17 and prayed and sang Christmas carols while the performance of "A Drag Queen Christmas" took place inside.

Broadway SF's description of "the longest running drag tour in America" notes the "adult content" of the show is rife with "sexual language" and "naughty comedy" and is recommended for people over 18. But footage from last year's performances in Austin, Texas and Orlando, Florida appeared to show small children in attendance.

Keller, Jonathan (Calif. Family Council) Keller

"It really is disappointing to once again see the Left not only co-opting children's book-reading times at libraries, but now doing this really explicit and obscene performance, trying to tie it to the Christmas season," laments Jonathan Keller, president of the California Family Council.

"There's no reason why you should take drag shows that are already explicit and inappropriate and try to connect them to the birth of Jesus," he contends.

Referencing the videos circulating on X that depict just how explicit these shows are, he says they are not just inappropriate for children; they are inappropriate for everyone. Still, he recognizes them as a tragic example of the Left's efforts to recruit and co-op people of faith into their lifestyle.

"Homosexual unions do not produce children, and as a result, they have to recruit and pervert children from other families," the family advocate summarizes. "It's absolutely imperative that people of faith, followers of Jesus, stand against this and refuse to allow their children to be sucked into the LGBTQ lifestyle."

California Family Council, Keller adds, works to protect parents and families and provide them true opportunities to educate their children and equip them to be culture warriors against this kind of "crazy woke insanity we are seeing coming out of the Left."