Advice for New York taxpayers: Don't be conned by 'reparations'

Advice for New York taxpayers: Don't be conned by 'reparations'

Advice for New York taxpayers: Don't be conned by 'reparations'

A black conservative activist says the state of New York State is considering paying reparations for slavery because minorities are angry over runaway illegal immigration in The Empire State.

Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a bill into law this week that creates a commission to examine the issue of slavery in The Empire State. Slavery was abolished in the state 40 years before the Civil War.

New York is following Democrat-led states California and Illinois which already established similar task forces that are led by left-wing academics and politicians.

David Lowery, Jr., a civil rights activist, calls the reparations New York task force a “distraction” by liberal Democrats who are being criticized by their own voters for illegal aliens flooding the state. He also doubts any money will ever reach the descendants of black slaves. 

“The liberals know that they've destroyed the credibility with black folks in this country by bringing the migrants in and sending them into our community, burning up all the resources that they should be giving to build the black community and homeless veterans,” Lowery tells AFN.

Lowery, David Lowery

The cost of caring for tens of thousands of illegals is staggering. Eric Adams, New York City’s mayor, said in August the city projects to pay about $12 billion through 2025 if the numbers remain around 100,000 illegals under the care of city government.  

Now that taxpayers are watching their money go to pay to house and feed illegals, Lowery concludes, Democrats are waving dollars in front of minorities.

With the 2024 election coming, he adds, Democrats are worried about keeping black voters on the “liberal plantation” to maintain political power.