St. Mary's joins 'transgender women' in identity confusion

St. Mary's joins 'transgender women' in identity confusion

St. Mary's joins 'transgender women' in identity confusion

Despite what its president says, a conservative student says an all-women's Catholic college that'll start accepting male students next fall is showing that it doesn't care about its students.

Earlier this year, Saint Mary's College, located next to the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, refused to recognize a Turning Point USA chapter on campus because the group believes there are only two sexes, male and female, and is "anti-trans."

Now, according to the email issued by college President Katie Conboy and obtained by The Daily Signal, the institution, will consider undergraduate applicants "whose sex assigned at birth is female or who consistently live and identify as women."

This "message is not only in line with best practices for today's college students," says Conboy, "but it also encompasses our commitment to operate as a Catholic women's college" to "honor the dignity of all persons who work at the college" while "retain[ing] our identity as a Catholic women's college."

She credits words from Pope Francis as justification for this decision.

Emma Arns, a student correspondent with Campus Reform, points out that transgender women are men.

Arns, Emma (Campus Reform) Arns

"We're talking about a historically all-women's college here who all of the sudden is now open to admitting men," she summarizes. "We've not only seen men making their way into women's sports, into women's locker rooms [and] bathrooms, but now they're infiltrating all-women's institutions of higher education, and it's being normalized."

Arns says her organization is dedicated to stopping this cultural trend.

"It's dangerous that these institutions are normalizing mental illness," she contends. "That's what we have to consider transgenderism; it's a mental illness, and they're embracing it as truth."

So, based off Saint Mary's decision, Arns concludes that the college "clearly does not care about protecting the rights of women."