EU ripped for signing 'vague' pact with African, Pacific nations

EU ripped for signing 'vague' pact with African, Pacific nations

EU ripped for signing 'vague' pact with African, Pacific nations

Frustrated over a new pact signed last month, a pro-life activist says 22 European countries want 79 Third World nations subservient to their humanistic views about culture and human rights.

The European Union has signed a “Partnership Agreement” with a coalition of countries known as the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States, or OACPS.

Nations recommit to 'Declaration' that upholds family

Charlie Butts, AFN.net

Nobody was surprised the Biden administration withdrew the U.S. from a declaration that condemns abortion and defends the family but a family advocate says the U.S. looks foolish since the coalition of other countries has not budged.

With leadership from Mike Pompeo, who was the U.S. Secretary of State, the United States and 35 other nations signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration in 2020. Meant to push back against the United Nations, the document declares there is no “international right to abortion,” and states the family is foundational to a healthy society.

Valeria Huber, of the Institute for Women's Health, helped author the declaration. She tells AFN the Biden administration removed the U.S. during the first week of President Biden’s presidency which was expected to end the anti-UN declaration and its the pro-life language.

“But this coalition has grown despite the U.S. removing it and despite the U.S. pressuring countries to leave it,” Huber says.

The remaining 36 nations, with four new signers, met in Washington, D.C. in October to recommit to the declaration, she points out. 

The pact, signed in November, is known as the Samoa Agreement. What is being described as a legal framework for 20 years of cooperation covers “sustainable development and growth, human rights, and peace and prosperity,” according to an official EU announcement.

Brian Clowes of Human Life International, which opposes the pact, says it will also impose population control and abortion on the countries.

“These terms in this document are very vague and they can be defined anyway the writers wish,” he warns. “They will give up their rights to bureaucrats, unelected bureaucrats, from Brussels, Belgium and New York City.”

Mirroring that warning, the list of “common principles” and “priority areas” is a list of feel-good phrases, such as “inclusive, sustainable economic growth and development.” That list also includes “climate change,” as if the EU believes African nations are harming the planet more than China’s pollution-spewing factories.  

Clowes, Brian (HLI) Clowes

Like agreements with the U.S. that oppose our rights, Clowes says member states of the European Union are not concerned with the Africans and Pacific Islanders, and making their livelihood better.

“All they're after is the minerals,” says Clowes, repeating a scathing accusation about plundered Africa that dates back hundreds of years.

On the continent, he adds, there are 300 million Africans who don’t have clean drinking water in 2023 but other countries have spent $150 billion on population control there.