New Scout training laced with division

New Scout training laced with division

New Scout training laced with division

A former Girl Scout says the 111-year-old organization is taking steps to divide its ranks.

The Girl Scouts of the USA, which recently introduced an LGBT Pride Month Fun Patch, is putting local scout leaders through training to teach their troops about its broad commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and to embrace elements of critical race theory.

The Patriot Signal reports that the four-part training series, starting December 13, will kick off with a virtual lesson titled "Foundations in Racial Equity."

Patti Garibay, co-founder of the Christian-based American Heritage Girls, exposed the plan during a recent interview with Todd Starnes.

"It seems like the Girl Scouts are wanting to divide us rather than unite us, and I think that's a real shame," she tells AFN.

Garibay, Patti (American Heritage Girls) Garibay

The Marxist ideas about race, including that there is something wrong with certain immutable traits and nothing wrong with one's deviant choices on gender and sexuality, are also being taught in many schools.

"Some people seem to be very, very committed to Marxism and to division and to really raising up kids in a very anti-nuclear family kind of mode," Garibay laments.

She does not think that is what girls ought to be taught.

"It was a time for all of us, no matter what our skin color was, we were united by one blood," she remembers about her time in the Girl Scouts. "That is what is important in America Heritage Girls today, is to have that unified belief that we are all God's children, no matter our skin color, that we have made mistakes in the past in our country that were horrific, but we need to overcome them and be better people."

Her faith-based alternative to the Girl Scouts has more than 60,000 members in all 50 states and in 16 countries. In the past year alone, it has grown by 30%, which means more girls are getting away from wokeism and are instead building good character traits by focusing on the Word of God.