Why challenge dragtivisim?

Why challenge dragtivisim?

Why challenge dragtivisim?

A conservative activist organization is looking forward to continued success in terms of putting a stop to drag queen shows in public libraries.

Karen Van Wyk, national organizational coordinator for MassResistance, highlights the recent victory in Lancaster, New Hampshire, where concerned parents contacted them about a drag queen story hour that was planned at the Weeks Memorial Library earlier this year.

MassResistance organized the parents to formally protest the event, and they ultimately succeeded in keeping it from happening.

Van Wyk says that shows that the people have power.

"Young children are impressionable," she notes. "Everyone knows, if you raise children, that you need to train them [to] learn what is right or wrong."

Police officers and a group of pro-LGBT activists were waiting for the parents at one court hearing about the event, but that did not have the desired effect.

"There's no violence," Van Wyk asserts. "We don't do any of that. We're just here to talk sense and to make things stop that are bad."

She says drag queens' new trend of targeting children is not okay because what kids take in really affects them, and gender-confusing material is harmful.

"It just really scrambles their brains, ruins their reality, and makes them have a very insecure and chaotic concept of life," Van Wyk asserts. "That is a perversion for a man to not act like a man."

For kids, men are supposed to embody strength, leadership, and protection, "not someone who's trying to lure them into some weird and grotesque type of inconsideration."

Van Wyk wants to see more parents stand up to events like this, and she encourages anyone with concerns about drag events coming near them to reach out to MassResistance for help and guidance.