Calif. now censoring concerned parents

Calif. now censoring concerned parents

Calif. now censoring concerned parents

An advancer of God's design for life, family, and liberty says California's new law securing pornographic books on library shelves is a form of retaliation against outspoken parents.

The Left essentially claims they are holding enraged parents back from ripping books like "To Kill a Mockingbird" or "A Tale of Two Cities" off library shelves. In reality, moms and dads have simply been showing up at local school board meetings and reading excerpts from library books about homosexuality, transgenderism, and sexual practices – that is until their mics are cut.

But Greg Burt of the California Family Council (CFC) says with AB 1078, The Golden State is pushing back against school boards that have been taken over by conservative parents. The new law makes it virtually impossible to rid library shelves of the same books that are too graphic to be read aloud to adults.

Burt, Greg (California Family Council) Burt

"Parents don't usually go into the school libraries and see what books are available," Burt notes. "They're having to read these books, which they are horrified having to do, but that seems like it's the only thing that's going to work."

He points out that school boards are locally elected, "meaning parents have a right to have an influence on what is taught to their own children. But under the new law, which which went into effect immediately after Governor Gavin Newsom signed it on Monday, the state can now fine schools for keeping libraries and classrooms clear of pornographic materials.

Calling it a ban on censorship, the Left celebrates that students are now free to learn about inclusive and "diverse" communities.

Even though the government and the media are against them, Burt encourages parents to continue speaking up.

"The media is not on our side," he laments. "The media is not asking hard questions of legislators." But he insists that "more and more" school districts and parents need to object to the pornography being put in school libraries.

This is the latest measure Gov. Newsom has taken to keep parents in his state from exercising their parental rights.