Millions of Canadians want a reformation

Millions of Canadians want a reformation

Millions of Canadians want a reformation

All across Canada this week, parents fed up with how schools are indoctrinating their children have been protesting.

The U.S. has been the setting of similar protests, with parents showing up at school board meetings to demand that pornographic materials be removed from school libraries, that boys be kept out of girls' restrooms, locker rooms, and sports, and that homosexual propaganda be removed from the curriculum and the classroom.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, an organizer of this week's 1 Million March 4 Children, says the turnout was in the millions – and those in attendance were angry.

Pawlowski, Artur Pawlowski

"I think we reached one and a half million in Canada alone," he reports. "I was in Calgary speaking. We had about 5,000-6,000 people showing up in Calgary – the same amount in Edmonton and other cities. About 15,000-20,000 people showed up in Ottawa."

He says the "most fascinating thing about this movement is that it has united all colors, all backgrounds, and all religions."

"We stood together with Muslims, with Jews, Christians, [and] Hindus," Pawlowski tells AFN.

Diane Watts of REAL Women of Canada says the opposing crowd in Ottawa was small but loud.

"There was a significant organization on the part of the unions, which represents all sorts of people who are family oriented, which was surprising," she details. "They were 100% behind the pro-trans children and sexual orientation and gender identity infiltration in the schools."

But on the side supporting children and education "that is truly education rather than indoctrination," Watts, like Pawlowski, accounts that "there were families from all … ethnic groups in Canada. There were Christian groups from various Christian religions. There were Sikhs, there were Buddhists, [and] Jewish people as well."

As they marched around Parliament, the protesters repeated their motto: No more silence.

Watts explains that is meant to encourage people to speak up.

Noting that some of the damage is self-inflicted, Pastor Pawlowski says now that the march is over, the real work begins.

"We keep voting the same traitors to the Canadian people expecting different results," he points out.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for example, has described the March 4 Children as "hate." Rejection of the LGBT agenda, he says, has no place in Canada.

So Pastor Pawlowski has borrowed an idea from his native Poland and is starting a new political party called the Solidarity Movement.

"It's time for new people, neighbors – not professional politicians – to come and bring a reformation," Pawlowski contends.