Liberal conspiracy to 'dismantle' country playing out in Philadelphia

Liberal conspiracy to 'dismantle' country playing out in Philadelphia

Liberal conspiracy to 'dismantle' country playing out in Philadelphia

Large swaths of major American cities are descending into anarchy, crime, and drug addiction as liberal leadership refuses to intervene. The Kensington Street area of Philadelphia is a prime example.

Fox News has been highlighting the Kensington area in Philly with block after block of zombie-like addicts hunched over, others shooting up in broad daylight, prostitutes plying their trade – it's worse than most Third World countries, and no one seems to be lifting a finger to stop it. David Oh is a Republican running for mayor of the city:

"If you want to come to a place where you can be left alone, not harassed, go get your drugs, not be bothered, shoot up in front of police, prostitute and all that stuff – this is the place," he told Fox News. "Our police are told not to arrest drug dealers because somebody figures that drug addicts need to get drugs, and the only place they get it from are from drug dealers."

In Randy Sutton's opinion, Philadelphia has become a "lawless city." Sutton, a 30-year law enforcement veteran and founder of The Wounded Blue, says George Soros-backed prosecutors, a progressive mayor, and an anti-cop city council have conspired to make Kensington Street one of the most desperate and despairing stretches of real estate in the country.

Sutton, Lt. Randy Sutton

"Law enforcement [there] has been told hands off – and as a result you see what looks like an apocalyptic movie playing out on the streets of Philadelphia," he tells AFN.

And Sutton says it's more than misplaced altruism that's fueling the crisis.

"They are orchestrating the destruction of the criminal justice system from within. Why? It is the Marxist playbook in action of how to literally dismantle the country," he laments.

Mayoral candidate Oh says he knows what needs to be done – and he plans to do it: "Simply to enforce the law."

Editor's note: The Wounded Blue is the only national organization solely dedicated to aiding officers injured in the line of duty. It recently announced a new partnership with the country music band Ricochet to raise funds for the organization's efforts.