Congress urged to rethink Biden's reimagined 'slush fund'

Congress urged to rethink Biden's reimagined 'slush fund'

Congress urged to rethink Biden's reimagined 'slush fund'

The Biden administration is being called out for misusing federal aid to promote "offensive" ideologies and practices overseas.

Travis Weber of the Family Research Council (FRC) explains that the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is designed to deal with the AIDS problem in Africa. It is reportedly "the largest commitment by any nation to address a single disease in history, enabled by strong bipartisan support across ten U.S. congresses and four presidential administrations, and through the American people's generosity."

Since PEPFAR's inception in 2003, the U.S. government has invested over $100 billion in the global HIV/AIDS response.

The issue, Weber notes, is that "$1.34 billion of PEPFAR money has been given to organizations overseas that promote or perform abortions."

In other words, money that has been set aside for AIDS is being spent on abortion instead. In Weber's view, that should offend Americans; it certainly offends African nations.

Weber, Travis (FRC) Weber

"It's offensive to the nostrils of these African nations [where we're] funding this work … because their own cultural norms are so often against the abortion ideology that Biden is promoting," Weber asserts.

The Biden administration has openly boasted that the fund is being reimagined to promote abortion and the LGBT ideology overseas – violating the intent of Congress.

"We know they're tainting an AIDS program with ideologies, and it needs to be corrected for PEPFAR to maintain a neutral, bipartisan approach to the AIDS crisis," Weber submits.

Some of PEPFAR's top grant recipients publicly support and promote abortion. Anova Health Institute of South Africa, for example, has promoted abortion for "pregnant girls" and instructed teenagers about abortion on PEPFAR's dime. Meanwhile, FRC points out that there are plenty of AIDS organizations in Africa that work on AIDS and have no connection with abortion.

So as the program is up for reauthorization this year, FRC is urging people to "send a message to your members of Congress now telling them to stop Biden from hijacking PEPFAR to promote its radical social policies!"