Gaines is getting louder

Gaines is getting louder

Gaines is getting louder

Athlete-turned-activist Riley Gaines has a new venture that gives people the opportunity to help her build a movement for women's sports "and common-sense American values."


In partnership with the Leadership Institute and Campus Reform, Gaines just launched The Riley Gaines Center.

"This is something that I wish I had when I began to speak out and when I faced the humiliation of changing next to a man in the locker room and giving up our trophies for a photo op to a man," Gaines recently told American Family Radio.

The Riley Gaines Center will equip everyone from campus leaders to community leaders and national leaders – even school board members – with the tools and resources they need to continue being effective and making change.

"We're going to be able to put conservative speakers on college campuses to defend the freedom of speech, which, coming from a college campus I know how important that is," she noted.

Gaines was a decorated swimmer at the University of Kentucky.

"Even in the South, at the University of Kentucky, freedom of speech is under threat," she asserted. "This past year, I have just been dedicated to making impact in whatever capacity that looks like, and I think The Riley Gaines Center is a phenomenal way to continue doing that."

Gaines burst on the national scene when she and other swimmers began speaking out about men like Will Thomas being allowed to compete in women's sports. Gaines says the Democrats who applaud Thomas' actions are undermining Title IX – a cause for which Democrats fought decades ago.

"Title IX is a federal civil rights law that is supposed to prevent discrimination on the basis of sex," Gaines explained. "What they are doing now is explicitly discriminating on the basis of our sex, and they are sending a message to every young girl, to every woman that our privacy and our safety and our feelings and our equal opportunity and our dignity does not matter."

Based off her experience, she lamented that Democrats no longer care about what is right or fair; now their concerns are virtue signaling and protecting the feelings and the identity of males, "with us as women being collateral damage in the process."

"They want you silent," she says. "Speak louder."