A call to close this Marxist 'pipeline'

A call to close this Marxist 'pipeline'

A call to close this Marxist 'pipeline'

A conservative organization is urging states to challenge the world's oldest and largest library association.

The American Library Association (ALA) has a tremendous role in deciding what books and other materials public and school libraries stock. Tom Jones of the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) says some of it supports Marxism, and some of it is sexually obscene and not suitable for children.

"The president of the American Library Association is a proud and admitted Marxist, and she's using this association -- which has a pipeline into … your local public library, the library in your public school, and the library at your local university -- to indoctrinate young people and to push a really aggressive, woke agenda," Jones asserts.

Considering that the ALA president, Emily Drabinski, is also a self-identified lesbian, Jones finds it reasonable to assume that she backs the stock of pro-LGBT materials in the majority of the libraries.

He says it is time to take action.

Jones, Tom (AAF) Jones

"The money that comes from taxpayers that's pushed up into the ALA allows them to do this, and until the states … stop funding the ALA, the taxpayers of the United States and the taxpayers around the country are going to be subsidizing this radical, Marxist, queer ideology," he explains.

In Arkansas, the liberal American Civil Liberties Union and a coalition of more than a dozen plaintiffs, including some of the state's public libraries, recently blocked lawmakers' effort to hold librarians accountable for knowingly providing minors with harmful items, or knowingly making harmful items available to minors.

11 state freedom caucuses have so far called on their state governments to halt the flow of tax dollars into what they call "the backbone to our entire country's library system."

"The Left will continue their ongoing cry that we're trying to ban books," the Louisiana caucus states. "No such thing is occurring, and we refuse to let them distract the public away from their real agenda."

Meanwhile, the ALA encourages people to "report threats to the freedom to read" and to tell their state legislators to vote against "censorship bills."

The ALA treasurer reports that "ALA funding sources include your membership dues dollars and funds generated from our publishing activities, conferences and educational programs, and the grants we receive." Roughly 10% is from grants and awards.