Mama bears unite

Mama bears unite

Mama bears unite

A former practicing, devout Muslim says sexual anarchists and their supporters don't know what to do now that Muslims and Christians have teamed up in the fight to protect their kids.

It does not fit the narrative to call a Muslim "transphobic" or "bigoted." In the hierarchy of intersectionality, would that not be intolerant toward an oppressed community?

That was the conundrum progressives faced when Muslim parents started showing up at school board meetings in Michigan, Maryland, and New York City to demand they be able to opt their children out transgender indoctrination.

Hedieh Mirahmadi of Resurrect Ministry, a non-denominational Christian organization that encourages everyone to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, says it was a surprise to many Muslims as well.

Mirahmadi, Hedieh (Resurrect Ministry) Mirahmadi

"They have aligned themselves to the Left, historically … ever since Trump was first elected," she notes. "I think they felt like, 'Well, if the Christians want to take up this cause, let them run in the lead.'"

But there are Muslim mama bears, too.

"When they saw that they couldn't opt out … and the way that their children would be directly affected, they just couldn't stay silent any longer," Mirahmadi submits.

She says sometimes believers have to find allies where they can, and joining together for the good of all children is not selling out on one's Christian faith.

"This doesn't have to be a kumbaya moment, where we decide we all worship the same God. We don't," Mirahmadi acknowledges. "But we can be on the same side of the issue of protecting our children."