Protestors celebrating but not ceasing

Protestors celebrating but not ceasing

Protestors celebrating but not ceasing

Residents of an Illinois town remain hopeful that their local library will completely cancel an upcoming drag program for children.

Kevin Rilott of the Rockford Family Initiative says the Talcott Public Library in Rockton, Illinois recently decided to invite a drag queen to read stories to children and to, among other things, show the boys how to put on makeup. But local folks would have none of it.

"It's really been quite a beautiful thing to see the Christian community come together to oppose this in a prayerful, charitable, but truthful way -- saying that this is not what we need for our children in our community," Rilott tells AFN. "We need reading, writing, arithmetic."

The community made an impact, but they did not claim a complete victory.

"[The library] realized that there were so many people who were so disappointed about this and who were going to be protesting it that they canceled the in-person drag event," the family advocate reports. "They're going to do an online drag education event for children through the library in Rockton on Friday, July 14th."

Considering the sordid background of the drag performer who has been invited, Rilott's organization has planned daily prayer rallies this week in hopes of stopping the event.