County's contract a cause for concern

County's contract a cause for concern

County's contract a cause for concern

A parental rights group has a bone to pick with educators at a facility for autistic children.

Seven Dimensions Behavioral Health, which is under contract with Jefferson County, Colorado schools, provides special education for children with autism. The facility uses Applied Behavior Analysis to work with patients of "all ages and diagnoses serving the Colorado front range."

The Daily Signal reports that on May 16th, the organization sent to parents an email advertising a Drag Story Hour for their children that promised to include a "mix of stories/activities and age appropriate performances" by five drag artists with sexual names.

Nester, Alex (Parents Defending Education) Nester

"We are beginning to see a correlation between children with autism and gender dysphoria," notes Alex Nester of Parents Defending Education. "There's research that shows that children with autism are 3-6 times as likely to identify as transgender. That was an August 2020 study published in the National Library of Medicine."

Meanwhile, there no research to show that gender manipulation procedures benefit children with gender dysphoria.

Nester says parents are frustrated because they trust the clinic to help their autistic children, but the adults at the facility are targeting their kids with the trans agenda.

"You either work on necessary skills with kids that they need for life, or you don't," she summarizes. "And here, this time is not being spent teaching kids necessary skills; it's pushing ideas about sex and gender that are confusing to any child."

Jefferson County is one of 1,000 school districts tracked by Parents Defending Education with a policy that says parents cannot be told if their child decides to act as the opposite gender at school.