Against 'pride,' Rexburg residents remain resilient

Against 'pride,' Rexburg residents remain resilient

Against 'pride,' Rexburg residents remain resilient

Citizens of an Idaho town have been the muscle behind an ongoing campaign to protect children from "predatory events."

After drag queens performed in front of children in Rexburg, Idaho last June, Rep. Ron Nate, who heads MassResistance's local chapter, launched a campaign to prevent it from happening again.

City council members told a crowded meeting they might consider it at a later date.

"They said, 'Well, we're worried that we might get sued, and we might lose a lot of money by losing a lawsuit because there is a First Amendment right for speech,'" Nate reports. "Our parents were very good at pointing out there's no First Amendment right to corrupt or harm children, however."

Nate, Ron (R-Idaho) Nate

Another "Pride Month" drag queen event was scheduled for June 10 of this year, and leading up to the city council's June 7 meeting, Nate's group posted nearly 200 yard signs throughout the community urging the council to do the right thing and "SAY NO! to kids at drag shows in Idaho."

25 of the estimated 80 local citizens who attended the meeting were allowed to address their city officials, but the city council did not even bring up the formal proposal to deny the drag show's permit.

"On June 9 -- the day before the event -- we noticed that they revised their program," MassResistance reports.

"Organizers of the event decided to back off and make any drag performances be in an enclosed venue and only for grown-ups," Nate relays. "It was a victory for our Rexburg parents, and especially for children who would have been subjected to drag queen events -- really what I think are groomer and predatory events trying to normalize deviant behavior."

Citizens then protested the June 10 Pride Month event at the city park.

MassResistance hopes the Rexburg City Council will accurately gauge the public outrage on this issue and finally take official action against it.