VA ripped for 'deep disrespect' after Old Glory replaced with 'pride' flag

VA ripped for 'deep disrespect' after Old Glory replaced with 'pride' flag

VA ripped for 'deep disrespect' after Old Glory replaced with  'pride' flag

A letter signed by Mississippi’s Republican congressional delegation is demanding the Department of Veterans Affairs return Old Glory to a flag pole at a veterans’ cemetery where a homosexual-themed “pride” flag is flying, but it’s unlikely the LGBT-obsessed Biden administration would raise a white flag and surrender.

The letter, dated June 5, rips the VA for replacing the United States flag with the “gay pride” flag at the entrance to the Biloxi National Cemetery. The 54-acre cemetery, which dates back to 1934, is overseen by Veterans Affairs.

The “pride” flag is expected to fly over the hallowed cemetery through so-called “Pride Month,” meaning all of June, but a U.S. flag had to be pulled down for the homosexual flag to be run up a pole. Even worse, the letter says the flags were swapped out on Memorial Day.

“We believe this decision shows deep disrespect to our service members, veterans, and their families,” states the letter signed by U.S. senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith, and U.S. representatives Mike Ezell, Michael Guest, and Trent Kelly.

Wicker, Sen. Roger (R-Mississippi) Wicker

In the same Gulf Coast city, TV affiliate WLOX reported protesters are demanding Old Glory be returned to a flag pole at a Veterans Affairs hospital where a “pride” flag is also flying.

“We don’t need a flag for each nationality or each different group of people,” Richard Boyanton, a Vietnam War veteran, told WLOX. “The American flag represents everyone.”

According to the WLOX story, someone removed the "pride" flag from the pole - twice - but it has been returned by VA officials.

"We’re completely discouraged," a VA official complained, "that someone took the avenue of vandalism to express their concerns and beliefs."