Huckabee: Americans waking up, 'just had it' with LGBTQ Pride

Huckabee: Americans waking up, 'just had it' with LGBTQ Pride

Huckabee: Americans waking up, 'just had it' with LGBTQ Pride

Corporate America – on the surface – remains a staunch supporter of the LBGTQ+ movement, but are there cracks in the armor? Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee thinks there might be.

It appears some companies have taken notice of the woodshed-beating stock value has taken for Bud Light and Target after their aggressive, in-your-face recent marketing campaigns. Bud Light put the face of transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, a biological man, on a beer can (below). Target is being punished for its transgender swim apparel which had women's styled suits designed men and for its partnership with a Satanist fashion designer.

Now those companies have sacrificed billions of dollars as consumers have pushed back.

Newsweek has reported that multiple retailers who were quick to praise the movement on the first day of "Pride Month," previously known as June, in 2022 held back supportive messaging on social media on the first day of the month last week.

"I'm encouraged. It looks like for the first time in a number of years people are waking up, and they've just had it," Huckabee (pictured above), the former Arkansas governor, said Monday on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins.

"There's a certain point where everyone wants to be kind and respectful. Nobody wants to be labeled a bigot or a racist, a homophobe or transphobe, but most Christians are none of those things. We're just people who want to live our lives and be left alone in order to lead our families, love our families and work in our communities," Huckabee told show host Tony Perkins.

A recent survey conducted by the American polling company Rasmussen brought back results that are consistent with the show of anger against Bud Light and Target.

The survey found that Americans, by a 3-1 margin, believe there are only two genders – presumably those genders defined in the Book of Genesis – and that a majority of Americans support laws against transgender treatments for minors.

If you support traditional values, you are not alone

The survey revealed more interesting facts once the layers were peeled back.

For example, 65% of women – more than men – say school teachers should not be allowed to counsel students on gender issues. Also, Americans earning more than $200,000 a year are more likely to favor the government's strong support of the transgender agenda while those earning between $30,000 and $50,000 oppose the agenda.

Kilgannon, Meg (FRC) Kilgannon

"That was really kind of telling. The folks who go to the very best schools and can earn really high incomes are the ones that are getting indoctrinated. They're the ones who have the most options in life. They can buy the kind of education they want for their children, if they have children," Family Research Council senior fellow for education studies Meg Kilgannon told Perkins.

Not surprisingly, families with children at home are more likely than families without children to support the laws aimed at protecting children from transition grooming and treatments that have been passed by a number of state legislatures.

Elements within government, business and media have had bullhorns proclaiming support for the movement rather than compassion and treatment for gender dysphoria.

Quieter but perhaps more impactful are the stories of individuals like Chloe Cole and Walt Heyer, two people at different ends of the life spectrum (age 19 for Cole, 82 for Heyer) but with similarly tragic tales of regret after choosing to live outside their natural sex.

Heyer encourages persons with questions about their natural sex to seek therapy and tells his story at sexchangeregret.com.

Cole had a double mastectomy at 18. She is a self-described "former trans kid," and travels the country speaking out against gender transition procedures on children, something she calls "child abuse" and "medical experimentation."

"It's so important to push back on this," Kilgannon said. "This is a crime against nature that is going to have its own set of witnesses, and those people will be able to move hearts."

The economic component

Kilgannon made note of the connection between businesses allowed to remain open during the COVID-19 shutdowns and their support for transgender initiatives. "Some were anointed the winners, the ones that could stay open," she said. "There's more to this than just gender ideology."

Whether or not corporate executives fully believe in the LGBTQ movement, most of them believe in the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) score. If they don't show support for LGBTQ, they risk a low score and, they believe, economic consequences.

The corporate partners page at the website for the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce lists hundreds of companies. From American Airlines, All-State and AT&T to Marriott and Mastercard to VISA, Walgreens and Whirlpool, the corporate partners have the alphabet covered.

Ironically, one that is missing at the moment is Chick-fil-A, though the popular fast-food chain founded with strong Christian values made news recently for its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts.

The reality is that boycotts can be effective – as Bud Light and Target have proven to their great disappointment – but Christians have a hard time finding a pure stream of traditional values in the marketplace.

Christian apologist and American Family Radio personality Alex McFarland addressed this point last week. "We don't do nothing simply because we can't do everything," he said.