Biden admin backs how-to sex-ed talk that leaves parents in dark

Biden admin backs how-to sex-ed talk that leaves parents in dark

Biden admin backs how-to sex-ed talk that leaves parents in dark

Parents are being warned the Biden administration and left-wing groups are quietly working behind their backs to discuss sex in a one-on-one setting with children when they are far away from nosy, listening, disapproving parents.

According to an exclusive Washington Stand article, a webinar by the Reproductive Health Training Center advises family-planning counselors to make sure their clients – meaning young teenagers – are alone and away from their parents when communicating with the counselor about sexual topics. In the webinar, a nurse identified as Safyia Yearwood says “parents might not agree with some of the things that we’re talking about and some of the services that our patients are looking for.”

The month of May was “National Adolescent Health Month,” which was recognized by the Biden administration. That month-long recognition provided an excuse for the federal government to partner with the Training Center in the name of family planning, the Stand article explained.

Jessica Macella, a government bureaucrat in the Office of Adolescent Health, bragged the Biden administration was “amplifying the important role of youth-serving professionals and other caring adults in their interactions with young people.”

Unruh, Leslee Unruh

Elsewhere in the webinar, the how-to guidance describes how the counselor should ensure the “youth clients” give their own contact information, not their parents. When the conversation begins, the counselor should do a “privacy screen” to make sure the conversation is confidential.  

Reacting to the secretive instructions, Leslee Unruh of Abstinence Clearing House tells AFN the message to teens is to keep their parents far away from intimate discussions with strangers about sexuality. To learn the federal government literally wants parents to be kept in the dark, she says, was really hard to believe at first.

“But they are really doing this: deliberately keeping parents uninformed,” she stresses. “And they're under age kids. It's against the law.”