As long as the Left's in charge, no one's safe

As long as the Left's in charge, no one's safe

As long as the Left's in charge, no one's safe

A traditional values leader says the solution to the ongoing transgender craze is simple.

Gregory Quinlan of The Center for Garden State Families say since the American Civil Liberties Union successfully sued New Jersey to give male prisoners the right to be housed in female prisons, there has been an increase in attacks against female prisoners.

Quinlan, Gregory (The Center for Garden State Families) Quinlan

"No prison in this state is safe from anyone, and no child is safe in this state because the policies of this state are for the LGBTQ-XYA religion, which is assaulting children, assaulting adults, [and] tearing down society," Quinlan submits. "This is all done with a smile and the blessing of the governor and attorney general."

A recent case involved a woman incarcerated at New Jersey's Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women who was raped and badly beaten by a fellow inmate, an alleged gender-confused man, after she repeatedly refused his sexual advances.

"This is insane," insists Quinlan. "There's no logic. There's no science. There's nothing to validate these decisions that are being made. I have to notice this woke religion completely owns the Democrat Party, no matter what state you're in," he adds. "This is happening everywhere."

Quinlan says the woke society will continue to reign supreme until the rest of this country shows up at the polls to kick them out of office. Only then, along with a move of God, will the nation be able to pull itself out of the rubble.