Demonic deception on display in downtown Beantown

Demonic deception on display in downtown Beantown

Demonic deception on display in downtown Beantown

A ministry leader and pastor says the growing attendance at an annual meeting of Satanists is proof their once-marginalized dark spiritual beliefs have become mainstream.

As reported by AFN on Friday, Satanists descended on Boston over the weekend for SatanCon 2023, the tenth annual gathering of the evil and reprobate followers of the Prince of Darkness. The gathering sold out the Boston Marriott Copley Place conference center – and attendees practiced their dark rituals, including ripping up a Bible, performing "un-baptisms," and loudly chanting "Hail Satan" in response to prompts from the podium.

While that was happening inside the venue, the so-called "Church of Satan" denies to the outside world that the real Satan exists at all. Instead, they claim to be atheists practicing a humanist-type religion. Dr. Ray Pritchard of Keep Believing Ministries says that's the ultimate deception.

"The devil's greatest triumph was convincing people that he doesn't exist," Pritchard tells AFN.

Pritchard, Dr. Ray (Keep Believing Ministries) Pritchard

In fact, says the author and longtime pastor, they are indwelled and influenced by a real Satan, the vicious opposition to all that is godly and good. "They say that their theme and purpose is to promote and encourage rebellion. Couldn't be more truly satanic than that," he states bluntly.

The Boston gathering was the largest SatanCon to date, a sign Pritchard says shows that the anti-faith is gaining social acceptance.

"This SatanCon is significant because it shows how what once were these marginalized beliefs have now been brought centerstage in our society," he concludes.

The tearing up of the Bible, according to FreedomNews.tv – along with the ripping apart of a pro-law enforcement Thin Blue Line flag and the smashing of a computer keyboard – were symbolic acts destroying what the Satanists consider as items that "cause harm."

Editor's note: Image above is of one of the leaders during SatanCon2023.