Trans-defending Far Left wants to know why you let them die

Trans-defending Far Left wants to know why you let them die

Trans-defending Far Left wants to know why you let them die

The public was horrified Monday to witness a tragic school shooting at a Nashville private school, where six people were killed by a murderer, but now another horror is unfolding: The public has learned the blood of dead children is on your hands if you are not a gun-banning, pronoun-choosing, drag show-defending ally of the transgender movement.

Late in the day Tuesday, Daily Wire reporter Megan Basham sadly summarized a day of head-spinning headlines and jaw-dropping allegations that all flowed from an unrepentant Far Left that refused to condemn killer Audrey Hale, age 28, a female who identified as a young man.


“Not too proud to admit I’m fighting tears,” Basham wrote on Tuesday evening “looking at the horrific way the media is framing this: Those who murder and threaten the lives of Christians are the victims.”

By the time she published that Tweet, at 8:05 p.m., Basham and many others had the “receipts” that demonstrated, like a punch to the gut, how the Left really views the Right.

Among the examples, an “exclusive” story by The Daily Mail, the British tabloid, said Hale had been “rejected” by her Christian parents.

In another headline, Reuters failed to mention Hale identified as transgender in its 12-word headline but managed to fit in “Former Christian school student," referring to her attending The Covenant School. She last attended Covenant in 2006, when she was 11 years old.

Over at Newsweek, a headline stated Tennessee legislators have banned drags shows and “gender-affirming care” for minors but “assault weapons” remain legal in the state.

Late in the evening on Tuesday, NBC News published a fear-the-backlash story that warned “fear pervades Tennessee’s trans community” after the school rampage.

On his Twitter channel, media critic Stephen L. Miller posted video of CNN correspondent Manu Raju chasing House Speaker Andrew McCarthy. Raju was demanding to know how Congress plans to respond to the school shooting but reported the Republican leader refused to comment.

“Manu, is the Day of Vengeance still being held 3 days from now?” Miller wrote. “Did you ask any Democrat about that? If not, why not?”

Miller’s pointed question was referring to the pro-trans rally, planned for April 1 in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building. That rally really is called “Trans Day of Vengeance.”

Even though it appears the “Trans Day of Vengeance” will carry on as planned, Twitter was busily suspending accounts Tuesday who denounced the audacity to do so. Among those who got their accounts suspended are Federalist writer Sean Davis; U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene; Daily Wire reporter Luke Rosiak; and pro-life activist Kristan Hawkins.

“In the perverse world of Leftist victimology,” Ben Shapiro explained in a timely Creators commentary, “this makes sense: If you are a member of a supposedly victimized group, you cannot be the victimizer; there must be another victimizer who has victimized you, turning you back into a victim.”

That accusation was represented in a post-shooting statement from a group named the Trans Resistance Network. It released an 11-paragraph statement in which one paragraph mentions the shooting victims and the remaining paragraphs defend Hale and blame others. The group accused "Right Wing personalities and political figures" for what it called the "genocidal eradication of trans people from society." 

Over at the Media Research Center, the media watchdog was busily filling up its Newsbusters website with clips from CNN and MSNBC. Republicans were too busy banning books and drag shows to care about children dying from guns, co-hosts and their guests ranted throughout the day. That do-this-not-that talking point is a common tactic to complain about legislation and new laws, as if state legislators can only write and vote on one issue during their session, but in this case legislators were being accused of callously ignoring the lives of innocent children.   

Curtis Houck, an MRC spokesman, tells AFN the liberal media is attempting a juggling act by blaming guns but not blaming the person who pulled the trigger.

“Not only is there liberal media bias, a case of peddling gun control instead of focusing on the possible motivation of the perpetrator,” says Houck, “they are failing to conduct basic journalism.”

The best example of the worst of the Far Left came from a left-wing attorney-activist, Laura Powell. Just a few hours into the Covenant School shooting, Powell wrote a lengthy Twitter thread describing how Nashville police learned in 2012 a student at Covenant had been sexually abused, but the statute of limitations had run out. The thread went on and on detailing the history and details of that accusation until someone pointed out the school goes to the 6th grade. So how did a girl who is 11-14 get abused there?

“I should clarify,” Powell replied, “that I didn’t mean to imply she was molested at school.”

“You’re disgusting,” someone else replied, “and should be ashamed of yourself."