Pro-life state rep welcomes abortion-is-health-care debate

Pro-life state rep welcomes abortion-is-health-care debate

Pro-life state rep welcomes abortion-is-health-care debate

A pro-life state legislator in Wyoming is defending her bill that became a state law but is now in jeopardy after abortionists sued to stop it.

House Bill 152, also called Life is a Human Right Act, was sponsored by Rep. Rachel Rodriguez-Williams (R-Park County). It took effect this week only to be temporarily blocked by a county judge while a lawsuit proceeds to stop it.

Lozier study warns OH about cost of abortion amendment

Charlie Butts, AFN.net

Abortion supporters in Ohio are demanding a constitutional right to abortion in the state constitution but a pro-life medical researcher warns the Medicaid program and taxpayers will pay for it.

At the same time abortion-supporting groups are pouring manpower and money to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot, Dr. Michael New of the Charlotte Lozier Institute is analyzing data over abortions paid for by Medicaid and by taxpayers.

“And my calculations indicate,” he tells AFN, “that you'd see about 3,000 more abortions a year in Ohio.”

The cost of taxpayers, he says, would be $4 million.

“So I think this is an abortion tax increase and something that pro-lifers should oppose,” he concludes.

Rodriquez-Williams, Rachel (WY legislator) Rodriguez-Williams

Abortion-rights supporters argue the law harms pregnant women and their doctors, and violates the Wyoming constitution, but the state lawmaker predictably views it quite differently.

"The legislative branch in Wyoming carried out what the Supreme Court of the United States gave states the greenlight to do," she says, referring to the landmark ruling last summer. "We affirmed that life is a human right and essentially we passed legislation stating life is a human right."

Farther down in the bill, legislators addressed a portion of the Wyoming Constitution that declares adults have the legal right to make their own health care decisions. The new bill and new law states abortion is not health care.

As the case proceeds, Rep. Rodriguez-Williams says she looks forward to a legal fight over the claim that taking an unborn life in the womb is health care.

“And that the legislature, on behalf of the people of Wyoming,” she says, “carefully enacted a perfectly constitutional law to protect the health, the safety, and the welfare of Wyomingites.”

The ban from Judge Melissa Owens will last for at least two weeks.