Affirmation that the dominoes are starting to fall?

Affirmation that the dominoes are starting to fall?

Affirmation that the dominoes are starting to fall?

A documentary produced by Hollywood liberals that Vimeo removed because of its a critical view of a certain topic has been restored to the popular video sharing platform.

The Daily Signal reported earlier this week that the account responsible for "Affirmation Generation" was locked only three days after the film exposing the medical scandal of experimental transgender interventions was posted.

"Our film represents that which is currently being silenced because it's unpopular with the tenets of the mainstream media," Joey Brite, the film's executive producer, told The Daily Signal in a statement Wednesday.

"The filmmakers of 'Affirmation Generation' – all lifelong West Coast Liberal Democrats, parents and community leaders – made an extraordinary effort to cite peer-reviewed medical research and evidence, to present the issue with deep compassion toward the gender-dysphoric youth, and to back up every argument … with science," the filmmakers said in a statement.

"To take credit for this passion project would, at the very least, risk our careers," they acknowledge.

Featuring twelve experts and six detransitioners who are full of regret, the documentary notes the "oversimplification that all gender dysphoria has one cause, which is being born in the wrong body, and that there's one treatment, which is transition."

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) says the project is proof that the dominoes are starting to fall.

LaBarbera, Peter (AFTAH) LaBarbera

"If liberals in Hollywood can see the dangers, then you know that 95+% of the American people, if they had any inkling of what was going on in pediatric transgender medicine, would be outraged," he submits. "Now it's starting to get out how concentrated and orchestrated, and how much money is behind this trans youth effort."

Soon following The Daily Signal's report, and "upon a secondary review" from Vimeo, the platform "quietly restored the account hosting the documentary" and reinstated the video on Thursday.