Devil in the sad details behind Smith, CBS and Grammy Awards

Devil in the sad details behind Smith, CBS and Grammy Awards

Devil in the sad details behind Smith, CBS and Grammy Awards

Like a curtain to Hades pulled back, the demon-worshipping Grammy Awards appeared to show the evil that lurks behind the faces and fame in the music industry, but ratings-troubled CBS drew a record audience and created controversy by using a troubled, mentally confused pop music star.

CAUTION: This story contains references that some may find offensive.

The CBS producers behind the 65th annual Grammy Awards were probably high-fiving themselves for a bump in viewership Sunday night, the highest audience in three years, and they were especially happy Monday morning when Sam Smith’s demon-worshipping performance was generating free publicity for its blatant Satan worship.

Smith, a British singer-songwriter, performed hit song “Unholy” with transgender singer Kim Petras, a German-born biological male (both pictured above). Their duet, about a wife’s unfaithful husband, topped the Billboard charts last fall and the duo won a Grammy for it Sunday night. But it was the live performance, with fake flames and devil-like dancers, that was condemned by many.

“Don’t fight the culture wars, they say,” Liz Wheeler, a political activist, commented online. “Meanwhile demons are teaching your kids to worship Satan. I could throw up.”

Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh said no one should be surprised to see a Satanic ritual at the Grammy’s since Satanism is the worship of self. “Theological satanism is not very common,” Walsh wrote, “but the worship of the self — what we might call secular satanism — is the predominant religion in our culture and most of the art we produce is meant to preach this gospel.”

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz simply called the Grammy perfomance “evil.”

Reacting to the performance, Christian apologist Alex McFarland says the pop duo and the stage dancers, and the Grammy producers, were playing with fire and not just metaphorically.

“If Hell has a soundtrack,” McFarland tells AFN, “it certainly sounds like this 'Unholy' that the Grammys put on.”

Smith has sad, troubled past

Unmentioned in comments about the Grammy performance is any reference to Smith himself, a troubled soul by anyone’s standard. Smith first came out as homosexual in 2014. Back then, at the 57th annual Grammy Awards, he won Record of the Year for “Stay with Me” which describes his broken relationship with Jonathan Zeizel, a male model. Just three years later, Smith described himself as “genderqueer” and said at the time he feels like both a woman and a man. He then described himself as “non-binary” in 2019 so entertainment stories have obediently referred to him as “they” ever since.

During that entire period, the singer ballooned in weight after years of attempting to stay trim by starving himself in an industry built on image. He has gone through rehab, and cancelled tour dates, due to anxiety issues and alcohol abuse.

Last month, on a "Tonight Show" appearance, the 30-year-old, bearded man wore a black metallic dress and earrings. 

So that was the Grammy-winning singer CBS used to draw an audience Sunday night.

Before the live performance, CBS used '80s pop star Madonna, now 64, to introduce "Unholy" Sunday night. Madonna (pictured above) has won seven Grammy Awards over her career, which generated controversy and free publicity, too, but her puffy lips and unnatural appearance shocked and saddened the public, The New York Post reported. 

'Trans ideology plus Satanism'

In a Fox News segment, show host Tucker Carlson played a clip of the Grammy performance followed by a music video of the chubby singer. In the music video, Smith is wearing nipple pasties and pretending the male dancers are urinating on him.

“Yeah, they stormed Omaha Beach for that,” Tucker concluded. “Trans ideology plus Satanism. Popular entertainment.”

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

Considering that CBS teased Smith's performance by stating it was “ready to worship,” which also generated publicity, McFarland says the American public witnessed what Big Media and big corporations are willing to do to. 

 “They'll sell anything for a dollar,” he says, “even if it's the souls of the people of this nation."

But it is impressionable young people, he says, who are their target.