Planned Parenthood given tax dollars for 'queer prom'

Planned Parenthood given tax dollars for 'queer prom'

Planned Parenthood given tax dollars for 'queer prom'

An organization that aims to strengthen families is asking parents in Pennsylvania to respond to a recent indoctrination session targeted at young students.

Dan Bartkowiak of the Pennsylvania Family Institute says the Planned Parenthood-sponsored youth program Rainbow Room in Bucks County last year hosted a "queer prom" that featured drag performances, sex paraphernalia, and free prophylactics.

Even after the full extent of the event was made public, LifeSiteNews.com reports that Democratic State Senator Steve Santarsiero was "proud" to have sponsored the event.

Bartkowiak, Dan (Pennsylvania Family Institute) Bartkowiak

"Over $600,000 was given as a state grant, so tax dollars [were] given to Planned Parenthood for their Rainbow Room to put on events like a drag queen prom," Bartkowiak explains. "Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion business in our state. It's not only profiting from abortions, but they're profiting from life-altering puberty-blocking hormone injections."

On Sunday, left-wing extremism watchdog account Libs of TikTok highlighted a video of a drag performance at the prom. Fox News reports that the event was open to children as young as 14, and everyone was given gift bags containing, among other things, condoms, tarot cards, candy, a "progress pride" flag, and a Planned Parenthood bracelet.

"It's not something we should be advancing with tax dollars, yet that's what we're seeing," Bartkowiak laments. "This state senator even doubled down in his support for this."

As a parent of a son who "had come out as gay about eight months before" the event, Sen. Santarsiero says on his website that he defends his sponsorship of the prom and maintains that he is not aware of any parent who "objected to any aspect of it."

With that in mind, the Pennsylvania Family Institute is calling on voters to contact their members of the legislature to let them know that at the very least, encouraging underage students to "explore" sexuality is inappropriate.