Big gov't undermining Dr. King's dream

Big gov't undermining Dr. King's dream

Big gov't undermining Dr. King's dream

While socialism and republic democracy are clashing in America's culture, a niece of Martin Luther King Jr. points out that one of those systems has a destructive track record.

The past several decades have seen success in the fight for equality, but Dr. Alveda King of Alveda King Ministries says what is being pushed nowadays is equity, which is rooted in socialism.

King, Dr. Alveda (Priests for Life) King

"With equity, there's no measure or room for creativity," she notes. "Someone may have gifts and talents in one area, some in another, [but] equity means no one gets to have any more than anyone else. Everybody else is pretty uniform; everybody has the same thing."

In education, for example, everyone is given a passing grade no matter what. So if there is no penalty for failing, then why would anyone be motivated to achieve? That, says King, is one of socialism's many weaknesses.

On the other hand, equality is a principle that has helped make America what it is.

"Everyone will not excel for various reasons," King recognizes. "However, there should never be any condition that prohibits or helps someone to not excel. So, everyone comes in with exactly the same opportunity to learn and to grow" and to advance to their highest potential.

Meanwhile, socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. So a conservative black leadership network says the U.S. government is undermining Dr. Martin Luther King's dream.

Specifically, members of Project 21 are calling attention to the fact that the civil rights icon's goals of increased opportunity and social mobility for black Americans are at risk, thanks to destructive policies promoted by green activists and progressives.

Jackson, Donna (Project 21) Jackson

"The Biden administration has actually declared war on low-income and minority families and is purposely creating barriers for us to be able to get to that dream," says Donna Jackson, Project 21's director of membership development. "It's doing it through its green energy policies, and it's also doing it through his division, in pitting minorities and different groups against each other."

Jackson says many destructive vehicles are in motion "to destroy the basic fabric of this country of freedom." Critical race theory and the climate change agenda are among them.

"We stand against these policies that are decimating people and destroying our communities," she says on behalf of Project 21.

Last week, leading up to today's holiday, Jackson voiced these concerns to members of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce.