YouTube kicks street preacher to the curb

YouTube kicks street preacher to the curb

YouTube kicks street preacher to the curb

The video sharing and social media platform continues to be vague about why it has permanently turned off a Christian street preacher's livestreaming feature, but he is reading between the lines.

Rich Penkoski has proven that he is not afraid to cover controversial issues like drag queen story hours, prayer vigils at abortion clinics, or LGBTQ+ indoctrination in public schools. At every stop he makes, he preaches the gospel and calls sinners to repentance before going back home and reporting on his efforts in his popular "Warriors for Christ" YouTube channel.

"We've been pretty active on the frontlines of exposing the grooming that the drag queens are doing," Penkoski tells AFN. "We have compiled video after video of this kind of stuff, and we are showing people this."

Penkoski, Rich Penkoski

But early last week, he received word from YouTube that he would no longer have access to his livestream going forward. Confused, Penkoski asked for more information, and on Thursday, he was simply told again that his streaming channel was gone.

He says the censorship is "completely un-American."

"Anybody who sits there and allows it to continue without saying something or doing anything I would say needs to repent for that and stand up for themselves as well," the street preacher adds.

While YouTube claims the decision had nothing to do his religion or Penkoski's Christianity, the company refused to give any explanation so as "to protect the integrity of the review process."

Walker Wildmon, host of "AFA@TheCore" on American Family Radio, has been cancelled by YouTube as well, and he is sure it is for the same reason.

"When you're being de-platformed because you're sharing your Christian views on the issues of the day, yeah, that's originated from the religion," Wildmon contends.

He says many people's viewpoints originate from their religion, and the two cannot be disconnected.