Safety report is slightly presumptuous

Safety report is slightly presumptuous

Safety report is slightly presumptuous

As Democrats tout a new study that shows the country's most dangerous states are red ones, a defender of Christian values the says they're ignoring a few major details.

In its report, "2022's Safest States in America," personal finance site WalletHub praises Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire for topping the list of "certain states [that] keep their residents safer than others."

Meanwhile, "with every new headline about a mass shooting, terrorist attack, hate crime, or natural disaster, many of us fear for our safety and that of our loved ones" in the deep-red states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, and Alabama, which are rated as America's most unsafe states.

Vitagliano, Ed (AFA VP) Vitagliano

Ed Vitagliano, executive vice president of the American Family Association, explains that the Democrat-controlled cities within those states are responsible for that. He points out that the bigger cities of New Orleans, Jackson, Little Rock, Houston, and Huntsville have all been under Democratic control for decades – more than a century in several cases.

"In Big City America, crime is through the roof," says Vitagliano. "There are all sorts of things happening in big cities that were not happening even two years ago, five years ago – the homelessness, the drugs, the needles."

And he submits that progressive prosecutors and district attorneys often add to the mayhem.

"We're not just talking about felony crimes in big cities; we're talking about the changes in policy that have allowed misdemeanors to go unprosecuted," he asserts.

Vitagliano also notes that WalletHub uses COVID compliance to measure the danger in each state, and he points out that it is "no surprise that red states departed from the CDC and the policies of the left the quickest."

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