Parents bash school-sanctioned 'Boo Bash'

Parents bash school-sanctioned 'Boo Bash'

Parents bash school-sanctioned 'Boo Bash'

A legal defender of parental rights says a San Diego mom is rightly leading the charge against her local school board for promoting a Halloween drag queen show.

Earlier this month, parents at ​​the Encinitas Unified School District organized a protest after an advertisement for Boo Bash, the "queerest free Halloween party for youth and families," was posted on the school district's website. Fox News reports Brittany Mayer, who accused school officials of acting as "groomers and activist pimps," berated the board for promoting the "queer Halloween party with a Disney villain-themed drag show."

Pacific Justice Institute president Brad Dacus says parents "with any kind of common sense" would never want their children exposed to something "so horrific and damaging and destructive" as a drag queen event.

He adds that public school districts that condone such controversial events, as seems to be the case here, could face some legal liabilities.

Dacus, Brad (PJI) Dacus

"School districts that decide to bow the knee to the teachers' union and their radical left agenda are really posing a risk and assuming a risk for the taxpayers of that school district," the attorney warns.

The event, scheduled for October 29, will be hosted by TransFamily Support Services and is reportedly being sponsored by several LGBTQ+ organizations, including Rich's San Diego, a popular gay nightclub in downtown San Diego, and Align Surgical Associates, a gender reassignment surgery program.

The ad has since been removed from PeachJar, the district's website. But in addition to an apology, Mayer has demanded an explanation for why it was approved in the first place.

According to Fox News, Mayer hopes to encourage other parents to step up and protect their children from any schemes meant to sexualize them.