A warning about wokeness when Columbus Day earns a call to CPS

A warning about wokeness when Columbus Day earns a call to CPS

A warning about wokeness when Columbus Day earns a call to CPS

Like a Communist snitching on a neighbor to the KGB, a left-wing activist contacted authorities to unhappily report a mother who was teaching her daughter about Christopher Columbus, and the incident is being called a warning sign about a shifting culture war.

In a Twitter post, Virginia mother Tina Ramirez wrote she was teaching her daughter “real American history” about the famous Italian explorer. That comment triggered David Leavitt, a self-described journalist, who accused Ramirez of teaching “torture, rape, murder, and enslavement.”

Other left-wing Twitter users piled on, too, and soon Ramirez watched her account fill up with angry commenters who said Columbus was a slave-owning racist and who accused the mother of being an ignorant fascist for praising him. 

But the supposed journalist Leavitt went even farther: He wrote he was on hold with child protection services to report her.

Reacting to Leavitt’s crazed threat, talk show host Richard Randall tells AFN it reminds him of the novel “1984,” and a dystopian nightmare of “thought police,” and a Marxist nation where neighbors spy on their neighbors.

“This is not the country,” he warns, “any of us thought it would be, imagined it would be, wanted it to be.”

Randall, Richard (Colo. radio host) Randall

The good news is Virginia authorities are not knocking on Ramirez’s door to investigate child endangerment, but Randall says the Right should learn a lesson from the Left: Leavitt took action.

Most people on the Right, Randall says, are too busy working a full-time job, then caring for their family, to notice the Left is conquering the ground beneath their feet.

“The majority of people,” he warns, “don't even understand the path we're going down, how quickly we're going down it, how far we've already gone down it.”