Drag queen-loving church invited blood-covered Satanist to perform

Drag queen-loving church invited blood-covered Satanist to perform

Drag queen-loving church invited blood-covered Satanist to perform

A homosexual-affirming church in Texas went forward with a drag queen event over the vocal objections of the community, but a grassroots group that participated in the protest says it exposed the church for scheduling a literal Satanist to participate.

Outside the “Drag Bingo” fundraiser at First Christian Church, located in Katy, Tracy Shannon of Texas Mass Resistance says a crowd of 200 protesters showed up to shame the church for celebrating vulgarity and sinful behavior.  

TX parents demand to know school district's 'trans' policy 

Bob Kellogg, AFN.net

A left-wing public school district in red-state Texas is being accused of hiding a transgender-affirming policy from parents who are convinced they’re being misled by school leaders.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, of Texas Values, says parents of Red Rock students are demanding transparency and honesty about a suspected unwritten policy that allows a biological boy to change in a girls’ locker room.

“And then, secondly,” she adds, “to make sure that the privacy of young girls is protected."

Round Rock schools, a suburb of famously liberal Austin, stirred up parents after a female student went home to change clothes because a male student was undressing with her. A parent filed what is known as a Level 3 complaint about that incident last year, and that complaint kicked off an ongoing battle that is still continuing.

According to Castle, Texas Values president Jonathan Saenz accompanied the parent to a September school board hearing to address the complaint. When it was announced the hearing would be closed to the public, they left in protest.

We had a lot more support than they did,” she says of counter-protesters. “They actually looked pretty depressed on the other side, which was almost entirely supported by Antifa.”

The black-clad communist group can clearly be seen in news coverage by a Houston TV news station, KPRC. The news station filmed police officers breaking up a scuffle between a lone protester and several of the masked “anti-fascist” activists, who announced they would defend the church from “fascist bigots.”

Shannon, Tracy (Texas MassResistance) Shannon

A wide street or road separated protesters and counter-protesters, with police in riot gear separating the two groups, the news segment also showed.

A day before the Sept. 24 event, a story by Axios identified the Antifa group as the “Screwston Anti-Fascist Committee,” which was planning a counter-protest to “defend the queer community.”

The purpose of the drag queen event, a bingo game, was to raise funds for its “Transparency Closet,” which offers free clothes, underwear, shoes, and make-up to mentally-confused transgender children.

A protester who managed to sneak inside the church filmed the "Transparency Closet," and posted it to Twitter, before he was removed. 

Drag queen ‘Tisha’ dropped by church

Weeks before the “Drag Bingo” took place, Texas Mass Resistance learned about the event from a Katy resident. Shannon used a church advertisement to start researching the two scheduled performers, “Kiki” and “Tisha.” It wasn’t long before “Tisha” was exposed for appalling social media posts that were literally Satanic in nature: images of blood sacrifices, skulls, and Pentagrams, all with half-naked men posed with the drag queen. (Editor’s Note: AFN cannot link to those images due to their graphic nature).

The eye-opening, fact-finding effort didn’t end there.

“And then we Googled the guy's real name,” Shannon recalls, “and found that he had a past conviction for plotting to murder 20 of his classmates, and torture them and murder them, at school one day.”

According to Shannon and Texas Mass Resistance, “Tisha” is actually Jaysen Kettl, who was sentenced to prison as a teen for conspiracy to commit murder, according to a 2004 Houston Chronicle article.

After learning the history of “Tisha,” Mass Resistance alerted the Katy church about what it had found.

The response? First Christian Church dropped Kettl from its advertising, without admitting he was scheduled to perform, and posted the "correct flyer" on social media.

AFN attempted to contact First Christian Church but no one answered the phone in the church office.