If it's supposedly 'natural,' why does it spread disease?

If it's supposedly 'natural,' why does it spread disease?

If it's supposedly 'natural,' why does it spread disease?

It's really a simple solution to a big problem, says one culture expert: live biblically – and the rate of sexually transmitted diseases in America will go down dramatically.

As reported Monday by The Associated Press, sharp increases in the number of some STD cases has the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) calling for new prevention and treatment efforts. According to those stats, much of the increase seen in 2021 is related to the activities of homosexual and bisexual men.

Infections rates for gonorrhea and syphilis, for example, have been rising for years, as have cases with HIV. And AP says an international outbreak of monkeypox has further highlighted the nation's worsening problem with diseases spread mostly through sex. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality points out that 95% of the monkeypox cases involve homosexuals.

"The whole country it seems is being pushed to pretend that homosexuality isn't an issue anymore," he tells AFN. "And yet, here we have the elephant in the room – which is: if homosexuality is so natural and healthy, then why are all these STDs linked to sodomy and homosexual sex?"

The AP reports that rates of new syphilis infections are highest among homosexuals, and among black and Hispanic Americans and Native Americans. While the rate for women is lower than it is for men, officials noted that it's has been rising more dramatically – up about 50% last year. In LaBarbera's opinion, that is further proof God is right and humans are wrong.

LaBarbera, Peter (AFTAH) LaBarbera

"We're seeing Romans 1 work out right in front of our faces," he exclaims. "The Bible says that immoral acts will be visited upon the body [Romans 1:27]. In other words, immoral behaviors are unhealthy … and we're literally seeing that with sodomy and homosexuality."

LaBarbera says while liberals try to hide or even dismiss the facts, the CDC figures show those who are most impacted engage in homosexual acts. The answer, he contends, is to change the lifestyle – and conform to the truth of the Bible.