'Harm reduction kiosk' project is 'wrong for Kentucky'

'Harm reduction kiosk' project is 'wrong for Kentucky'

'Harm reduction kiosk' project is 'wrong for Kentucky'

The D.C. woke crowd is impacting rural Appalachia with what a family advocate considers a failed experiment.

Calling it an effort to reduce the "stigma" of drug addiction, the Biden administration is reportedly using $3.6 million of taxpayer funds to set up "harm reduction kiosks," or vending machines, with supplies for drug addicts, including syringes and needles, Narcan (a prescription medicine used for the treatment of a known or suspected opioid overdose emergency), fentanyl test strips, hygiene kits, condoms, and more – all without any interaction with a health professional.

Walls, David (The Family Foundation) Walls

"This is just a wrong policy … for Kentucky," responds David Walls of The Family Foundation of Kentucky. "These kinds of failed policies that really enable drug use with government funding have failed, and this is just the wrong policy and a wrong social experiment to try here in Kentucky. We need to be focused on getting folks help and drug prevention instead of drug enabling policies."

He says this project from the National Institutes of Health is just one from a string of woke policies the Biden administration is pushing onto the people of the entire country.

"This is just a reminder that certainly elections are important, and it's important to have a government that represents the values of its constituents," Walls asserts.

On that note, he reminds voters that November's midterm elections are weeks away.