Coffee shop to teens: Get your Plan B here – free, no questions asked

Coffee shop to teens: Get your Plan B here – free, no questions asked

Coffee shop to teens: Get your Plan B here – free, no questions asked

Residents of a Texas town are taking issue with a local coffee shop that's targeting teenagers – not with coffee but with contraceptives.

Tumbleweed + Sage Coffeehouse is located in Wolfforth, Texas – a suburb of Lubbock in West Texas. According to its website, the coffee shop has created an Amazon "wish list" of items it asks customers to purchase for the shop to distribute free-of-charge – including items such as condoms, lubricants, dental dams (prophylactic for oral sex), lip balm, and pregnancy test strips. The shop says those items will be available for customers to "just come take what they need from our restrooms" or via the drive-thru lane, no questions asked.

There's more: The shop also hosts "pride" events and Drag Queen story time – and has teamed up with "Jane's Due Process," a pro-abortion group advocating for "reproductive rights" for teens who can't get parental consent.

It is that latter issue that Jim Baxa of West Texas for Life finds upsetting because the shop also is giving away, free to anyone, Plan B emergency contraception kits.

"Probably the scariest part about this is this coffee shop is located immediately across the street from a local high school – so, we know who they're targeting," Baxa tells AFN. "They're targeting [and] giving away abortion-causing drugs to high school students."

According to the pro-life spokesman, distribution of those drugs is being done behind the backs of parents – and was discussed with local police and prosecutors in July because it's clearly illegal to do so, Baxa adds. On July 27, the local police department posted the following statement:

"The Wolfforth Police Department is aware that a business in Wolfforth is offering 'free plan b kits' to anyone wanting them. We have received many calls and emails questioning the legality of this practice. Unfortunately, the legality of the practice is not a simple question to answer. We have been researching the matter and have reached out to many state and local officials for help in determining the lawfulness of the issue. Please understand that as a Law Enforcement Agency we enforce laws that are supported by statute or ordinance. Please bear with us as we continue working to resolve this matter."

Baxa asks rhetorically: "How do you not recognize that handing out drugs that cannot be given to minors without parental permission is not a crime? And also, how do you not realize that it is a crime [to distribute] pharmaceuticals at a non-licensed restaurant?"

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has expressed concern and reportedly is looking into it. Meanwhile, Baxa says their informational picketers at the coffee shop report fewer and fewer vehicles arriving to purchase coffee.

Editor's note: Image of storefront compliments of coffee shop's Facebook page.