'Abuse' is an ironic word choice

'Abuse' is an ironic word choice

'Abuse' is an ironic word choice

In the view of a traditional values group, a bioethicist who deals with the transgender issue with children is choosing ideology over medicine.

Cindy Dahlgren, communications director for the Center for Arizona Policy, tells AFN that Maura Priest, the bioethicist with Children's Mercy Hospital who is also an assistant professor of religious studies at Arizona State University, contends that refusing to give puberty blockers to children with gender dysphoria is a form of psychological abuse for which parents ought to be prosecuted.

Dahlgren, Cindy (Center for Arizona Policy) Dahlgren

"It's an ironic choice of words," Dahlgren submits. "Allowing children to continue to develop naturally is abuse, but pumping them full of dangerous hormones that leaves irreversible consequences is not abusive? It's also ironic that she claims allowing children to naturally grow up has – quote – 'lasting and irreversible physical harm,' when, in reality, there's plenty of evidence showing that puberty blockers lead to irreversible damage."

That includes permanent sterility and serious medical problems. Meanwhile, Dahlgren points out that kids with gender dysphoria usually snap out of it by the time they reach their upper teens, if not before.

"Based on the fact that we know most of these cases will embrace their biological sex, the notion that parents should be criminalized or lose custody of their children for it indicates this really has more to do with ideology than medicine," the communications director decides.

Breitbart News notes that companies that manufacture puberty blockers have compensated doctors at gender clinics at children's hospitals.