Game creators decide abortion wins

Game creators decide abortion wins

Game creators decide abortion wins

A pro-life leader is raising awareness about a party game that is raising money for abortion and insulting life-affirming Americans.

"Cards Against Humanity" is an adult party game in which players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases typically deemed offensive, risqué, or politically incorrect. Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League believes most Christians would feel uncomfortable playing it, especially now that the self-described "party game for horrible people" is taking shots at the pro-life community.

Scheidler, Eric (Pro-Life Action League) Scheidler

"This card game company is attacking pro-life people in pro-life states, telling them, 'Your state sucks because you've passed an abortion ban,'" Schneidler relays. "They're donating all the proceeds from the sale of their cards in these pro-life states to the abortion industry. They're giving $100,000 to the abortion industry right away."

The rules of the game, which was released in May 2011, do not state how to win -- the object is simply to have fun. Scheidler hesitates to quote any of the questions or fill-in-the-blank phrases that are printed on the game cards, as he asserts they do not glorify God.

"Any Christian who has this game should really -- I don't know how else to put it -- they should repent of having been involved with a thing like that," he tells AFN. "Get rid of the game. Tell your Christian friends … and neighbors … if you participate in this game, you are literally paying to support abortion."

He says it is time for the pro-life community "to push back against this kind of garbage."