Grandmother's concerns fall on deaf ears

Grandmother's concerns fall on deaf ears

Grandmother's concerns fall on deaf ears

An elderly woman in Washington state has learned that her community's leaders see anyone who values the safety and privacy of women and girls as a bigot.

Port Townsend, Washington contracts with the Y to operate a swimming pool where 80-year-old Julie Jaman has been swimming for years.

"While I was showering, I heard a man's voice," she details about a recent encounter she had at Mountain View Pool. "I looked over to see a man dressed in a woman's bathing suit watching four or five little girls pulling down their suits in order to use the toilets."

Jaman, a grandmother, approached the man and told him he needed to leave.

"At that point, a Y staff person in a red shirt came up, and I said to her, 'Please get him out of here,'" Jaman continues. "She said, 'You are discriminating. You are out of the pool forever, and I am calling the cops.'"

The concerned citizen then wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper, but it was never published. She went on to file a report with the police, who took no action. So then she appeared before city council and made a three-minute speech outlining the need for fairness, respect, and dignity and citing the dangers women and girls face when men are allowed in their changing rooms and restrooms.

"There were people who just broke out in clapping after I made my comment," Jaman accounts. "It was just quite amazing."

Nevertheless, the mayor and one city council member responded by telling her and anyone in the audience who agreed with her that they were bigots.

LifeSiteNews reports that while disputing Jaman's account, the YMCA's marketing and communications manager did not deny the presence of the man.

The local report confirms that Jaman did speak with Port Townsend Police after she became "very triggered" and "had an emotional response to a strange male being in the bathroom and helping a young girl take off her bathing suit." Other police reports obtained by the Port Townsend Free Press show that anonymous callers from the YMCA also contacted police during the incident, complaining about Jaman's response to the man's presence and about her refusal to leave.

LifeSiteNews also notes that "despite multiple criminal incidences resulting from the allowance of biological males in female washrooms, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order with the intention of 'preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation' in the first few weeks of his presidency."