Pastors grateful to see Kansans coming together

Pastors grateful to see Kansans coming together

Pastors grateful to see Kansans coming together

In the aftermath of Tuesday's election, a couple of Kansas churches have some repairing to do.

The heated election concerned amending the state constitution to give the legislature authority to regulate abortion and to ensure that the state treasury would not be tapped to pay for child termination. The effort was defeated.

But leading up to the election, two churches in Lawrence, Kansas were damaged and vandalized with, among other things, "vote no" and "my body, my choice" painted on their buildings.

"I've got a lot of people just really upset at what's taken place because of what they're doing to the church, the house of God," accounts Chaplain Don Goatley of Calvary Temple Assembly of God. "Maybe some of them don't go to church anywhere, but they sure don't like it being done to a church."

Workers have already shown up to repair the damage there.

Meanwhile, Victory Bible Church, pastored by Leo Barbee, Jr., has also been making some headlines.

Barbee, Jr., Leo (Victory Bible Church) Barbee

"A young man in Topeka … called and … said, 'I would like to do [the repairs] for you free of charge,'" Pastor Barbee shares. "We said we would appreciate that so very much. We've gotten two or three people calling and saying, 'We want to help,' so it's really been a real testimony."

Both pastors are grateful for how their community has come together to help, and both bear no ill will toward the people who defaced and damaged their property. In fact, they are praying for them.