Citizens recognize spiritual battle and respond accordingly

Citizens recognize spiritual battle and respond accordingly

Citizens recognize spiritual battle and respond accordingly

A conservative Texas town is calling for prayer as the city's leadership considers partnering with a radical pro-LGBT organization to implement a program that goes against traditional values.

The city council in Temple, Texas, whose population of just over 80,000 is largely conservative, has been considering signing a deal with The Nova Collective to impose a radical, pro-LGBT "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" (DEI) indoctrination program on all municipal employees.

The mayor and city council authorized the Temple Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Commission in December 2020 with the official purpose of advising the city "on policies, programs, practices, and other matters to build greater equality within the Temple community by promoting equity and eliminating discrimination."

Membership in the appointed nine-member DEI Commission was purposefully based on race, sex, and "sexual orientation." All members are black, female, or LGBT, and many residents have complained that the majority of the population is unrepresented.

Joe Goodson of Concerned Christian Citizens, an affiliate of Texas Mass Resistance, tells AFN The Nova Collective is headquartered in Chicago.

"On their Facebook page they make it very clear that they are very much tied into the homosexual agenda," Goodson continues. "They tout drag queens, they tout gay pride, [and] they tout abortion."

So doing its part to take a stand for "the soul of America," Goodson's group organized local citizens to appear at council meetings to voice their opposition to the partnership. As a result, the city has delayed consideration, at least for now.

"If we do not stop it, we can expect that this will be the future of America that we hand our children," Goodson warns. "We all must, together, make sure that this is nipped in the bud with a lot of prayer. This is a spiritual battle, and only God can bring us a victory."

Local conservatives and Christians remain vigilant as city officials are set to meet again August 2 and could still adopt the program.