A new plea about old topic: Boys become men who lead us all

A new plea about old topic: Boys become men who lead us all

A new plea about old topic: Boys become men who lead us all

A clinical psychologist, best known for taking on left-wing wokeness, says he is troubled over the plight of young men and is pleading with the Church to help them discover and embrace the muscle-flexing masculinity that God created.

Dr. Jordan Peterson says our modern-day culture is turning boys into wimps, which means stripping them of their God-given aggression, ambition, and eagerness to fight and win.  

That warning is not a new one. Feminist author Christina Hoff Sommers described the uphill battle young boys face in her “War Against Boys” book, which published way back in 2001. As a proud feminist and successful woman, she warned that society was championing girls as star athletes and future business leaders while boys, being left behind, were suffering from low self-esteem and poor academics.

That same year, Dr. James Dobson urged dads and moms to recognize and nurture the uniqueness of males with his “Bringing up Boys” book.

Two decades later, the man-hating culture has produced the compliant "Beta Male" and effeminate "Soy Boy," and now the armed forces can't find qualified recruits who meet the already-lowered standards. Fewer boys than ever are putting on football pads, too. 

In recent weeks, Daily Wire author Matt Walsh exposed the current truth-denying culture with his “What is a Woman?” documentary, where protesting feminists and brainy academics failed to answer the key question.

Peterson: 'Patriarchy' a lie from Hell

In his attempt to address the state of boyhood, Peterson (pictured below) states in a recent YouTube video that after five years of city tours and college lectures, he has witnessed a culture of wandering, demoralized young people.  

“This is especially true of young men,” he warns, “though anything what devastates young men will eventually do the same to young women.”

The professor then explains how modern-day Western society, afraid of adventure and riddled with guilt and self-doubt, blames its problems on a “patriarchy” of power-hungry men. All of those claims are lies, he says, and the source of lies come from Satan and from Hell.

“And it is precisely those young men,” Peterson warns, “who are deeply conscientious, who have come to believe that every deep impulse that moves them out into the world for the adventure of their life, is nothing but the manifestation of the spirit that is essentially Satanic in nature.”

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

Reacting to Peterson’s observations, Christian apologist Alex McFarland tells AFN a sad but suitable example is the psychological problems found in many mass shooters. Those young men are plagued with repressed aggression and mental anguish, he says, and that anger is unleashed in an act of terror that harms others.

“Part of the frustration, and I think the acting out of violence and deviant behavior,” McFarland says, “is the frustration of young males that are being told to be a nice little, compliant, sterile, eunuch.”

In his closing plea, Peterson urged young men to set aside their skepticism and give the local church a chance. He also urged the churches to invite young men -- literally -- into their doors.

The church, Peterson summarized, is there to remind young men “that they have a woman to find, a garden to walk in, a family to nurture, an ark to build, a land to conquer…”